Matt is an expert in scaling small businesses, having previously been a Director in two multiple-seven-figure Digital Marketing Agencies.

His experience has involved more than 3 million cold emails, managing a team of account executives and securing deals north of $20M from Outbound Marketing.

Success with growing small businesses, specifically marketing agencies, has come from a strong foundation in the fundamentals of outbound, the ability to manage and empower the right people, and making tough decisions under pressure.

All of this experience has culminated in solving the biggest problem of his career: accurate B2B data.

Matt has spent many hours implementing data processes to make his outbound marketing as impactful as possible. Much of this has been carried over into the product features of Coldlytics: data deduplication, normalization, email validation, and many more.

Much of his experience has been in the high-stakes, high-reward world of mergers and acquisitions. Matthew has worked with hundreds of deal makers, sourcing and curating targeted prospect lists for deal origination.

This experience and the pain points encountered along the way, as well as his experience in scaling small businesses has culminated in the founding of Coldlytics.