Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Discover Account-Based Marketing (ABM), its types, and examples. Explore how ABM targets key accounts for personalized marketing success.

Account-Based Selling

Learn about account-based selling, its differences with lead-based selling, and how this strategic approach can deliver success for sales teams.

Annual Contract Value (ACV)

Get to grips with Annual Contract Value (ACV), its role in sales and customer success, its calculations, and how it differs from other key metrics.

Account Development Representative (ADR)

Discover what an Account Development Representative does, explore the difference between ADRs and Sales Reps, and delve into the world of SDRs.


B2B Data

Discover what B2B data is, its main types, and how it's leveraged in the business world. Unpack the power of business-to-business information.

Bottom of the Funnel

Get a close look at Bottom of the Funnel marketing, its stages, types of content, and its role in B2B and sales funnels.

Buyer Behavior

Dive into strategies to leverage buyer behavior in sales, with practical tips on influencing and understanding customer purchasing habits.

Buyer Intent

Discover the importance of buyer intent, learn how to collect intent data, and explore ways to leverage this invaluable information in B2B sales.

B2B Database

A searchable collection of contact information and details about potential business clients, used to target and grow B2B customer bases.

Business Development Representative

Sales professional responsible for identifying & connecting with business prospects to generate leads and book appointments with decision makers.

Buying Signal

Discover the world of buying signals – cues from customers indicating interest in a purchase. Learn how to identify and react to them effectively.

BANT Framework

Explore the BANT framework, a time-tested tool in sales and marketing for qualifying leads, and understand its role in identifying MQLs and SQLs.


Cold Email

Discover the art of cold emailing, its legal aspects, effectiveness in 2023, open rates, the 30 30 50 rule, and optimal email length.

Cold Outreach

Cold outreach is the process of initiating contact with potential customers or clients who have not expressed prior interest in your product.

Closing Ratio

Discover the importance of closing ratios in sales, learn how to calculate them, and explore strategies to boost your sales success.

Cloud Based CRM

Discover the power of cloud-based CRM systems, their benefits over traditional CRM, and how they can drive business success.

Conversion Path

Dive into the concept of conversion paths, learn their importance in digital marketing, and explore examples and analytics.


Demographic Data

Explore the role of demographic data in B2B lead generation. Learn what it is and how to leverage job title, industry, company size, and location.


Explore the world of email security with DKIM: how it works, its role with SPF and how to set it up!


Discover the world of DMARC in email security. Understand its function, how it contrasts with DKIM, and steps to set up DMARC effectively.

Deal Origination

Learn about deal origination and it's roll in the world of M&A, including co-founder Matt McQuinn's experience generating deals with cold email.

Demand Generation

Get to grips with demand generation, explore its stages, examples, how it compares with lead generation, and its foundational pillars.


Understand the roll of a Dealmaker in finance: the people responsible for the biggest transactions on earth; Mergers & Acquisitions

Discovery Call

Learn what a discovery call is, explore its goals, and discover tips for preparing, introducing yourself, avoiding mistakes, and follow-up strategies.


Email Scraping

Explore email scraping in cold email outreach: what it is, how email scrapers work, its legality, and effectiveness. Uncover the risks and rewards.

Email Validation

A crucial step in cold outreach; the process of verifying an email address's legitimacy, deliverability, and activeness before sending emails to it.


Firmographic Data

Master the art of B2B lead generation with firmographic data! Discover what it is, its components, and how to leverage it for targeted campaigns.

Field Sales Rep

Learn about the role of a field sales rep, compare it to other sales roles, and discover the potential earnings and growth in this field.


Generic Email Address

What is a generic email address is how to set one up for your small business. Learn about common generic email addresses and more!


HighLevel (Prev. Go HighLevel)

Explore HighLevel, a feature-rich CRM platform designed for agencies. Uncover its capabilities, pricing, and how it can elevate your marketing efforts


Intent Data

Digital signals revealing a potential customer's interest in a product or service, used to prioritize and personalize B2B sales efforts.

Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Learn what an ideal customer profile is, how to write it, and what makes a good customer profile for effective cold email outreach.


Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

Demystifying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): their definition, examples, leading VS lagging indicators, and how to measure them.


Lead Generation

Learn about the essentials of lead generation. Understand its purpose, the different approaches, and how it contrasts with prospecting.

Lead List

Unlock the secrets of cold email outreach with lead lists! Learn what they are, how to create them, and their importance for successful campaigns.


Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

Master the art of calculating Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), learn about net and initial MRR, and understand how to calculate repeat revenue.

Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)

Discover the meaning of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs), learn the difference between MQLs and SQLs, and explore ways to generate and measure MQLs.

Middle of the Funnel

Uncover the mystery of the "middle of the funnel," its comparison with the top and bottom, and how to use it to grow your business.


Opportunity Management

Discover opportunity management, its role, elements, and how it differs from lead management to boost your B2B sales performance.

Outbound Sales

Outbound sales is a proactive approach to generating sales leads, by reaching out to prospects who may not know about your product or service.

On-Premise CRM

Explore on-premise CRM: its benefits, differences from cloud and on-demand CRM, and its safety aspects. Optimize your business CRM strategy!

Open Rate

Learn what an open rate is, how to measure it and what a good open rate looks like.


Positioning Statement

Learn the importance of positioning statements, explore the 4 C's of positioning, and discover examples of effective B2B positioning statements.


Qualified Lead

Learn the difference between qualified & unqualified leads, explore examples of qualified leads, and understand SQLs & MQLs in B2B sales.



Learn what SPF is used for, and how to implement it for increased email domain security.

Sales Acceleration

Zoom into the world of Sales Acceleration! Discover its importance, ways to boost growth, magical platforms, and the formula for sales success.

Sales Methodology

Uncover sales methodology and its importance, learn about selling techniques, types of sales, and key sales approaches. Dive into the world of sales!

Sales Performance Management

The importance of sales performance management, measurement methods, the role of a sales manager, and how software helps bring it all together.

Sales Pipeline Coverage

Dive into the world of sales pipeline coverage, learn strategies, how to measure quality and more.

Sales Pipeline Management

The importance of sales pipeline management in B2B sales, the main pipeline steps, and tips for managing your pipeline efficiently at scale.


Dive into the world of 'Smarketing,' a fusion of sales and marketing. Understand MQL and SQL, and how these departments can collaborate better.

Split Testing

Here's an explanation of split testing, also known as A/B testing, and a guide for applying it to cold emails.


Discover the SORBS Spam Blacklist, its impact on email deliverability, and how to get delisted. Learn to navigate and avoid the blacklist maze.


Technographic Data

Unearth the power of technographic data for B2B lead generation. Learn what it is, its importance, and how to use it for segmentation and targeting.