How to Build a B2B Email List

There are a ton of ways to build a cold email list. Which one should you use? We break down the most common options and their pros & cons.

Richard Francis
September 7, 2021
Purchase Intent: Identify Prospects Who Need Your Product Now

The most successful, tried & tested, completely free strategies that you can use to identify people ready to buy your product or service.

Richard Francis
August 24, 2021
Send Cold Emails like the Forbes 30 Under 30

We sat down with Youssef, who gave us his cold email template, copywriting 80/20 tip and a reengagement email for reviving lost prospects.

Richard Francis
August 17, 2021
6 Steps To Cold Email Success

We sat down with Rhondre Giscombe, who shared his 6 tried & tested steps to running a successful cold outreach campaign.

Richard Francis
August 5, 2021
Social Selling vs Cold Email

We sat down with Brandon Lee from Funnel Amplified to get his perspective on social selling in a world of marketing automation.

Richard Francis
July 29, 2021
Hotglue's Cold Email Strategy

We spoke with David, Co-Founder at Hotglue, where he shares the big mistakes he made early on in his cold email game.

Richard Francis
July 20, 2021