Richard founded Coldlytics along with Matthew McQuinn in 2021. He oversees the technology that enables us to provide the laser targeted sales prospecting lists.

He began his career way back in 2008 at, building online communities for some of the biggest brands & personalities in the world. He then spent a few years in Paris, France, helping to grow a professional social network called Viadeo, before becoming a freelance software developer.

Having tried, and failed, to launch many businesses in the past, he came to realize the importance and power of outbound sales prospecting - specifically via crafting personalized cold emails.

Frustrated with the consistently low quality and stale contact data within many of the most popular B2B databases, he turned to hiring freelance data miners on Fiverr and Upwork. While this approach yielded better results, it certainly wasn't without its flaws. Communication with freelancers was very difficult, and targeting requirements would often get lost in translation.

Enter Coldlytics.

He realized that a winning approach to procuring high quality lists was to identify his ideal prospects first, then pass this list to freelance data miners for manual enrichment. Using his tech prowess he wrote a suite of scraping and automation tools to achieve this, which later formed the initial codebase for Coldlytics.

Today, Coldlytics serves hundreds of happy customers around the world, helping a huge range of businesses find new customers, generate partnerships, boost revenues, and save time!