With our industry specific paint and coatings business information list building services - you will be able to get up to date contact information for paint and coatings industry professionals and businesses!

Custom Paint and Coatings Industry Email Databases

Each paint and coatings industry contact we provide will be up to date and vetted. That’s because we specialize in on-demand list building using our team of human researchers. 

You tell us what information you need, our team finds you fresh leads!

This means that you can save time and money doing your B2B outreach to paint and coatings companies. 

Why? Because all the contact information you get, will be fresh and up to date! Every email is validated and guaranteed to be deliverable under our Bounce Free Guarantee.

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Perfect for freelancers and smaller businesses.
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The best option for most small businesses.
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Emails, Phone Numbers, Job Titles, Company Information and More!

Need contact information for decision makers within the paint and coatings industry? Get a vetted contact list based on company size, company location or other parameters of your choice!

From mailing address to LinkedIn profile, from phone numbers to email addresses - we can get you all the data you need to optimize your sales process.

Case Study

We've seen a 20x return on investment at least, with 5-10% of our business coming from Coldlytics contacts.
Austin Houser
Base Coat Marketing
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Case Study

Just this month we've closed 3 roofing companies and 1 painting company, adding an additional $11k MRR.
Joe Dominick
Gauge Digital Media
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Case Study

Coldlytics saves us a ton of time in sourcing quality leads. I was not expecting it to work so well so quickly!
Matt Foreman
Lawn & Land Marketing
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Case Study

It's better, cleaner, and more accurate. I rarely have issues with email bounces and it's been super time-saving too.
Pete Rakozy
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Case Study

Now with Coldlytics, all we have to do is copy & paste a link, and they take care of the rest.
Arjun Shukla
Megaphone Marketing
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Case Study

I've used the emails Coldlytics got for me and we've been busy! Give it a whirl - you'll be amazed at what it can do.
Phil Carrick
Red Chili Digital
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Businesses worldwide are igniting their sales pipe with Coldlytics.
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Paint and Coating Industry Emails

Trying to make a B2B marketing and sales campaign for companies that work with paint and coatings? Cold email outreach is fueled by having a list of accurate, valid emails!

Furthermore, you need to reach decision makers within paint and coating companies with direct emails. Not just any generic email inbox or front-desk gatekeeper. We’ve got you covered!

Paint and Coating Industry Phone Numbers

Doing business via phone? We can find you all the right phone numbers of all the right people working in paint and coating industries.

From Direct Dials (mobile numbers and desk lines) to main company numbers, we can find them all.

Paint and Coating Industry LinkedIn Profiles

Trying to contact paint and coating industry professionals on LinkedIn? 

With our custom, industry specific lead generation service, you can define what types of companies and professionals you are seeking with great detail inside our self serve platform.

Paint and Coating Industry Addresses

Need a list of company addresses for your paint and coatings industry mailing list? Our team has your direct mail lists covered! 

Just give us a region, city, country or even continent… And we will find your industry list of addresses and other business information you need in that area!

Paint and Coating Company List in Any Region Worldwide

Our email list and contact information database creation services work worldwide in all primarily English speaking areas - pick any industry, any country, any city or any region. Define data points with B2B specifications and we will do the rest!

Find US Paint and Coating Companies

Need paint and coating industry emails in the United States or Canada? We got your back! Your email marketing and cold outreach campaigns start with us. 

You give us specific locations, cities or states and we provide you an up-to-date industry wise email list with contacts for decision makers you seek.

Find UK Paint and Coating Companies

Need a marketing email list for paint and coatings companies based in the United Kingdom? Doesn’t matter if it’s just emails or a direct mailing list - we can make it happen!

Choose your industry and pick any city, location and even country like Welsh, Scotland, Ireland or England.

Find Australian and New Zealand Paint and Coating Business Contacts

Want to find paint and coating companies in Australia or New Zealand? We got you covered! Just specify the region when placing your order and we will make it happen for you!

Other Industry Email Lists we Offer

Any B2B industry specific email list or contact database can be created using our custom research services! 

Here’s a few related industries you might be interested in:

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How to Request Your Email List of Paint and Coatings Businesses

Let's get to it. Here are the 5 simple steps to building your totally bespoke email list of paint and coatings industry leads.

Step 1: Sign up to Coldlytics

It's all self service and easy to sign up. We offer a 1 week $7 trial to get you going immediately. Alternatively, subscribe to one of our plans to receive an initial subscription bonus.

The Coldlytics Signup Screen

Step 2: Start a New Task From Your Dashboard

Once signed up, click the "New Task" button in the top right corner of your dashboard.

You'll see 3 different ways we build lists. In this case, you'll want to click on option 1 - Small Businesses.

A Google Maps preview will appear.

Enter the city, state (province), or country you wish to target. When selecting a city, we give you the option to set a radius around it too.

Next, tell us which industry you want to target.

You can enter multiple industries if needed. Additionally, you can add more than one location for your list too.
Example: sourcing chiropractors in Fresno, CA, using Google Maps and Coldlytics.

Step 3: Consider Using Filters

Coldlytics enables you to refine your list by metrics such as…

  • Company Revenue
  • Company Headcount
  • Company Founding Date
  • Franchises or National Chains (Include or Exclude)
  • Website Keywords - Enter Positive or Negative keywords that we'll check the website for. If found, we'll either include or exclude that company based on what you've told us.
  • Suppression Lists - Provide us with a list of companies you specifically don't want us to provide data for. These are often lists of your existing clients for example.

Some additional filters that often matter to digital marketing agencies...

  • Advertisers - Whether the company advertises on Facebook, Google or LinkedIn.
  • Google Reviews - Filter lists based on minimum review counts or star ratings.
  • Page Speed - How fast (or slow) their website loads.
  • Technology Detection - We can check to see if the website is built on Wix or Wordpress, etc.
  • Search Position - We can filter lists to only provide leads who are currently ranking in position 6 (or any SERP rank position) or lower for their industry keyword.
Advanced filters on Coldlytics - not to be found elsewhere!

Step 4: Enter Additional Notes

Every task you submit is reviewed by a human, before being assigned to our research team. Use the "Additional Notes" section to optionally provide context to your targeting requirements.

This step is entirely optional, but never hurts to add.

Example: "We are interested in paint and coatings companies that are at least 5 years or older in X city. Exclude any companies that specialize in wood paint and coatings."
Enter your additional notes in this box.

Step 5: Define Data Points

Think of a data point as a column in the final spreadsheet we will provide you. Your list will always include the following data points for each contact

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company Name
  • Job Title
  • Email Address
  • Company Website
We always provide direct email addresses, rather than generic emails such as sales@, info@, contact@, etc. You'll receive the bob@example.com email.
Choose the data points you want our team to find.

Additionally, you can request any of the following data points for your list.

Coldlytics provides the most extensive set of data points in any industry, enabling you to build a comprehensive picture of every single prospect before you even begin your outreach.

  • LinkedIn Profile URL
    The personal LinkedIn profile of the contact in question.
  • Address
    Split into components - first line, city, state, zip.
  • Phone Number
    The main business/switchboard phone.
  • Direct Dial
    The direct phone number (usually cell) for each contact. This costs an additional credit per contact provided.
  • Google Review Count & Score
  • Google My Business (GMB) Profile URL
    Also whether it's been claimed by the business.
  • Company Social Profiles
    Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.
  • Ad Pixels
    Whether the business has a Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or TikTok ad pixel installed. When these are present we can assume that they are currently running, or have ran ads in the past.
  • Google Analytics
    Whether the business uses Google Analytics.
  • E-commerce
    Whether the business uses e-commerce technologies such as Shopify or Klaviyo.
  • Wordpress
    Whether the business uses Wordpress.
  • Page Speed in Milliseconds
    How fast does their website load? This can be a useful if you are offering website development or optimization services.
  • Search Term
    The term we used when we searched Google for this company.
  • Search Location
    The location we searched within on Google.
  • Search Position
    The SERP position the company ranked in when we found them.

Sounds good?

Let's find you some paint and coatings contacts

Businesses worldwide are igniting their sales pipe with Coldlytics.
Be one of them.