Building a high quality email list of realtors doesn't have to be hard. In fact, with Coldlytics it's quite the opposite!

We are the #1 platform for sourcing real estate agent leads. With vast experience in data sourcing, Coldlytics enables you to have a human research team build a list of real estate agents along with their email, phone number and social media links and much more.

Why purchase a pre-built list that everyone else uses when you can be like Austin and see up to a 20x ROI? With a few simple clicks via our self serve interface you'll have an entirely bespoke list of your future customers within 24 hours.

Chances are, you’ve been scraping the web for real estate agent leads using platforms like D7 Lead Finder or Seamless AI. Both of these do an “OK” job, but aren’t likely going to meet your needs long term, especially if you’re doing outbound marketing at scale.

Using the additional notes section when requesting your list via Coldlytics, you can request inclusions and exclusions. An example of this would be “Only include websites that mention “realtor” on their website.”

What you’ll love about sourcing real estate agents emails and phone numbers through Coldlytics is that it is incredible time saving and easy to do in a matter of clicks.

As you’ll see in the guide below, our self serve platform empowers you to refine your search based on specific geographies. We also have a wealth of data points you can benefit from such as their company facebook and linkedin profiles, weather they’ve claimed their Google Business Profile (previously known as their Google My Business profile, or GMB) and what their review scores and counts are on Google.

There are a ton of other insights you can gain through our platform that gives you the upper hand when reach out to real estate agents for the first time whether it’s by cold email, cold calling, or direct mail. Bonus points if you do more than one of those!

As a quick overview, Coldlytics is a self serve platform for finding real estate agents that combines Human Research and scraping of data from the public domain that use to be messy and take days to do.

We start with pulling down all the potential realtors that match your search into a spread sheet, followed by deduplication, normalization and data cleansing procedures. We then assign this refined list to our human research team to go out and find their direct emails and phone numbers per your request.

The final step is validating each email through our 3rd party email verification partner, Zerobounce. This ensures you’re only emailing realtors who have an active email address.

The best part? We have a bounce-free guarantee. You’ll never pay for a bounced contact again.

Within 24 hours we will reach out to you with a link to the final product - a clean, accurate spreadsheet.

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Businesses worldwide are igniting their sales pipe with Coldlytics.
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How to build your email list of real estate agents

Step 1: Sign up to Coldlytics

It's quick and easy to sign up. We offer a 1 week (no obligation) paid trial to get you going immediately. Alternatively, subscribe to one of our plans and receive an initial subscription bonus.

The Coldlytics signup screen.

Step 2: Start a new task using Coldlytics and Google Maps

Once signed up, click the "New Task" button. Specify how many real estate agent contacts you want to source then head over to Google Maps.

Search Google Maps for "Real estate agents in [location]", where [location] can be a specific city, state, or even country. Get as granular as you want here, but we'd recommend sticking to geographies with a combined population of over 20k.

Copy and paste the Google Maps URL from your browser address bar into Coldlytics.

Repeat this step as many times as you wish. For example, if you want to source real estate agents in multiple cities or specific states.
Using Google Maps and Coldlytics to source real estate agents in Illinois

Step 3: Consider using advanced filters

Coldlytics enables you to refine your list by metrics such as…

  • Whether they are advertising on Facebook
  • Whether they are advertising on Google
  • Company Revenue
  • Company Headcount
  • Company Founding Date
Advanced filters on Coldlytics - not to be found elsewhere!

Step 4: Enter Additional Notes

Every task you submit is triaged by a human, before being assigned to our research team. Use the "Additional Notes" section to optionally provide context to your targeting requirements.

You can also use this section to specify positive or negative keywords to look for on each realtor's website. This can be helpful to hone in on specialities or other important aspects of their business.

For example: Only include realtors that mention "Multi family" on their website, or exclude those that mention a certain affiliation or even neighborhood.
Enter your additional notes in this box.

Step 5: Define Data Points

Think of a data point as a column in the final spreadsheet. Your list will always include the following data points for each contact we provide:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company Name
  • Job Title
  • Email Address
  • Company Website
We always provide direct email addresses, rather than generic emails such as sales@, info@, contact@, etc.

Additionally, you can request any of the following data points. Coldlytics provides the most extensive set of data points in the industry, enabling you to build a comprehensive picture of every single prospect before you even begin your outreach.

  • LinkedIn Profile URL
    The personal LinkedIn profile of the contact in question.
  • Address
    Split into components - first line, city, state, zip.
  • Phone Number
    The main business/switchboard phone.
  • Direct Dial
    The direct phone number (usually cell) for each contact. This costs an additional credit per contact provided.
  • Google Review Count & Score
  • Google My Business (GMB) Profile URL
    Also whether it's been claimed by the business.
  • Company Social Profiles
    Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.
  • Ad Pixels
    Whether the business has a Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or TikTok ad pixel installed. When these are present we can assume that they are currently running, or have ran ads in the past.
  • Google Analytics
    Whether the business uses Google Analytics.
  • E-commerce
    Whether the business uses e-commerce technologies such as Shopify or Klaviyo.
  • Wordpress
    Whether the business uses Wordpress.
  • Page Speed in Millesconds
    How fast does their website load? This can be a useful if you are offering website development or optimization services.

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Let's find you some realtors.

Businesses worldwide are igniting their sales pipe with Coldlytics.
Be one of them.

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