Coldlytics has just been completely overhauled with a ton of new features we think you’re going to love it! 👀

Before we take a look and see some of the new features we want to share with you; a couple of quick house keeping items…

  • Your login information has not changed - the way you accessed your account remains the same.
  • Feature parity - all the features you’ve loved about Coldlytics have made it to the new version.
  • You will be able to access the new version of Coldlytics on [date here]

Let’s jump in and take a look at some of the new features we’re rolling out in Coldlytics V2!

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Target Based on Website Keywords

In today's digital landscape, ensuring that a lead is relevant to your specific needs can often feel like finding a needle in a haystack. But those days are over. We are thrilled to present our newest feature: website keyword targeting. This game-changing feature is designed to remove the guesswork from the process. By allowing you to set defined keywords that should either be present or absent on a lead's website, we guarantee precision like never before. Every lead provided will undergo a rigorous check against these keywords to ensure it aligns with your desired profile.

Consider this scenario: you are looking to connect with specialty lawyers in the domain of personal injuries. All you'd need to do is enter the phrase “When ‘personal injury’ appears” into our streamlined filter menu. This guarantees that every lead we funnel your way will have a mention of personal injury on their platform. Furthermore, if you wish to sidestep law firms offering family law services, simply input “family law” and opt for “Does not Appear”. This ensures exclusivity in your target. It's truly as simple as that. Or as we like to say, "Easy Peasy."

Technology-Based Filters

In an era driven by technology, understanding a company's tech stack can provide invaluable insights. Our technology-based filters let you refine your lead list based on the specific technologies they've adopted. It's a powerhouse feature especially for those who understand that a company's technological choices can speak volumes about their priorities, scale, and operations.

At launch, you can identify or exclude companies based on technologies like e-commerce platforms (Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento), CMS like Wordpress, and tools like Google Analytics, with many more in the pipeline. Are you someone who operates in the e-commerce niche? Then you'd be delighted to note that our technology-based filters can help you pinpoint e-commerce businesses with pinpoint accuracy.

Franchise Filters

Differentiating between franchises and privately-owned businesses can be pivotal for many campaigns. Our franchise filters are the answer. Whether you're aiming to exclusively target privately-owned enterprises or looking to engage with franchises, our system allows you to make that distinction with just a single click. This ensures that the leads you receive are tailored to your specifications, eliminating the cumbersome process of data scrubbing post-acquisition.

Google Maps UI

The last version of Coldlytics required you to leave the platform and provide us with a URL for a custom search on Google Maps for us to scrape. Those days are over. We have established an easy to use UI that keeps you inside the task creation screen. You can select multiple geographies and refine them based on a specific radius. How does Google Maps help you? Google Business Profiles are a goldmine for businesses looking to connect with other enterprises. They offer insights into how dedicated a business is to its online footprint. Recognizing this, our platform empowers users to filter leads based on attributes of their Google Business Profile. Some of these include how many reviews a business has, what their review score is and if they've claimed their GBP or not. Not only do these imply that the business is organized and committed to their digital presence, but it also increases the chances of us locating the contacts of decision-makers in the public domain. Unlike generic lists that might have been scraped from random sources, our leads are rich, focused, and potent.

Future Endeavors

Our commitment to enhancing your experience doesn't stop here. We're in constant pursuit of innovation, developing new features to ensure that the lists we provide are not just good, but the best. Your feedback is our guiding star. We encourage you to share your thoughts, insights, and wishes, so we can craft features that resonate with your needs and aspirations.

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