Hey there, fellow startup founders! If you're looking for an effective yet straightforward strategy to supercharge your lead generation efforts on LinkedIn, you've come to the right place. I'm here to share a LinkedIn lead generation strategy that has not only proven highly successful but also remarkably simple. The approach is focused on tapping into the conversations already happening within your niche on LinkedIn. So, let's dive in and learn how to leverage LinkedIn post commenters to get those leads.

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The LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy

I want to begin by highlighting that this strategy has helped me achieve impressive results, including an astounding 88% open rate and a 36% reply rate. These statistics alone make it clear that this strategy is worth exploring for startup founders looking to expand their networks and generate leads.

Step 1: Identifying Relevant Conversations

The first step in this strategy is to identify relevant conversations on LinkedIn. Think about the pain points and topics that your target audience are posting about. In my case, I chose to focus on conversations related to the search term, "cold email" since it's directly relevant to Coldlytics.

Step 2: Finding the Right LinkedIn Posts

Once you've identified a relevant topic or key word, the next step is to find LinkedIn posts where these discussions are taking place. I suggest looking for posts by influential figures in your niche, as these are more likely to have a higher level of engagement. More engagement = more opportunity for finding leads.

Step 3: Engaging with the Post and Commenters

Engagement is key in this strategy. After finding a suitable post, follow these steps:

  • Follow the post author.
  • Like the post.
  • Read the post to ensure it's relevant to your business.
  • Leave a thoughtful comment to engage authentically with the conversation.

Step 4: Getting Access to Post Commenters

Now comes the critical part. You want to connect with all the people who have commented on the post because they are your potential leads. Here's how you do it:

  • Click on the three dots (options) for the post.
  • Select "Copy link to post."

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Step 5: Using Coldlytics for Lead Generation

I use Coldlytics as the tool to help extract data from the post commenters. Coldlytics is a platform that enables you to gather valuable information about your leads. You can sign up for a free account at coldlytics.com. Once inside your Coldlytics account:

  • Click on the "New Task" button.
  • Choose "Custom" as the option.
  • Paste the copied link to the LinkedIn post.

For the seniority levels input, you can select all ofthe options in the drop down menu, as you'll want to capture all the commenters regardless of their position in their companies. This is where Coldlytics does its magic.

Step 6: Reviewing the Data

Coldlytics provides a wealth of information about each lead, including their first and last name, company name, job title, direct email address, website link, LinkedIn profile link, and even a direct dial if available. All of this is provided to you from our human research team within 24 hours.

Step 7: Crafting Your Outreach

Now that you have your list of potential leads, it's time to reach out to them via email. I want to share a template that has worked wonders for me, boasting those impressive open and reply rates. The email is personalized and focuses on their engagement in the LinkedIn post, making it highly relevant.

View the email copy I used to generate 36% reply rates here.


In summary, this LinkedIn lead generation strategy is a valuable addition to the toolkit of startup founders looking to expand their network and generate leads. By engaging in relevant conversations, connecting with post commenters, and using tools like Coldlytics, you can turn these interactions into fruitful leads for your business.

Remember, the key to success lies in authenticity and relevance. Engage genuinely with the conversation, and your leads will be more likely to respond positively. So, get out there, start engaging, and watch your network grow as you turn commenters into potential partners, clients, or investors.

LinkedIn isn't just a platform for job hunting; it's a powerful tool for entrepreneurial success. Give this strategy a try and see how it can work wonders for your startup. If you have any questions or need further guidance, don't hesitate to reach out to me directly. Happy networking and lead generation!

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