GoHighLevel has been taking the agency world by storm,. and for good reason. Its feature set is frankly mind-blowing, it can be entirely white-labelled, and it’s very competitively priced to boot - delivering a ton of bang for your buck.

We constantly hear our customers rave about GoHighLevel, so figured we’d do our own impartial review. As you can probably tell, our verdict is overwhelmingly positive. Let’s see why…

What is GoHighLevel?

In short, GoHighLevel is a comprehensive collection of all the sales & marketing tools you need to set up an agency, underpinned by a powerful CRM.

Not only can you launch your own agency using GoHighLevel, but you can white label its entire suite of tools for your clients (referred to as sub-accounts). We’ll get deeper into this later, but it’s certainly one of the main selling points.

The number of features it contains is nothing short of staggering. As we’ll explain in this article, it can eliminate the need for many 3rd party tools, including Intercom, Zapier, Squarespace, Calendly, and much more.

Core Features of GoHighLevel

As mentioned, the software covers so much ground that it’s almost a challenge to distinguish its core features. But for us, this has to be what they call “The Agency Engine”.

At its foundation is a robust CRM, heavily oriented around lead capture, nurturing, and closing. These are clearly 3 very important areas of focus for any agency.

Let’s run through some of the peripheral features that facilitate these 3 areas of focus, and how they interact with the core CRM.

Capturing Leads

If you’re not capturing leads then you don’t have a business. Period.

GoHighLevel enables you to quickly set up a full featured website along with funnels, surveys, live chat, and even appointment scheduling - right out of the box.

All these touch points feed directly into your CRM, and can even trigger workflows - which we’ll cover later. This cuts out a ton of 3rd party tools and in our opinion is worth the subscription price alone.

Set Up Your Website

To get started, choose from one of the 1000+ website templates and customize from there, or start from scratch. We were super impressed with the drag-and-drop website editor. While not quite as flexible as the leading no-code site builders (Webflow, for example), there’s more than enough here to get you set up with a functional, elegant website quickly.

Choose from 1000+ website templates or create one from scratch.

Live Chat

You should definitely install the live chat widget. When a website visitor opens it up, they can send a message along with their name and phone number. As soon as they click the “Send” button they are added as a new contact in your CRM. From there you can even use workflows to initiate a 2-way SMS conversion, which we’ll get into later.


Most agencies will want a “Strategy Session” page where visitors can book a 15-30 minute introductory call. This couldn’t be easier in GoHighLevel - simply set up a new calendar, specifying your availability and all the other important stuff, then add the new calendar as an element to any one of your web pages.


Perhaps rather than allowing every Tom, Dick, and Harry to book a strategy call (we’ve been there - we get it), you’ll want to collect a little more information about their needs before proceeding.

Surveys are the perfect way to do this, and once again they integrate perfectly with the rest of your setup, perfectly bridging the gap between your website and CRM.

Starting to see the power of GoHighLevel? Read on, because it’s about to get way more impressive.

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Now you’ll need to drive traffic to your site. No small feat, we know, but GoHighLevel does include tools to make this as painless as possible.

Let’s look at 3 great ways to drive traffic and generate leads: cold outreach, pay-per-click, and SEO. We recommend attacking these in order; cold outreach should enable you to find new customers right off the bat, pay-per-click will increase awareness of your service, and SEO will be your long-term growth driver.

Cold Outreach

As you are selling a B2B service, you should definitely be running a cold email campaign, and surprise surprise - GoHighLevel can help with this!

Firstly you’ll need to build a prospect list. We’d recommend against using B2B databases and cheap scraping tools, as the data is usually very hit-or-miss, not to mention the targeting. You don’t want to ruin your email domain reputation right away!

You’ll need quality contact data matching your ideal customer profile, and this is where Coldlytics comes in.

At Coldlytics we put a team of researchers on the back of every list we produce. You get direct contact details, highly accurate targeting, and validated email addresses guaranteed.

Once you have your prospect list of ideal customers, import the CSV into your GoHighLevel contact directory. You can then head over to the marketing tab to start setting up your cold email drip sequence. We won’t go into detail here, but we’d recommend watching this video tutorial.


Another great way to generate inbound leads and get instant brand exposure is via pay-per-click ads. And when you run ads you’ll probably want to point prospects to a dedicated sales funnel.

Again, this can be set up in minutes using one of their many templates, or designed from scratch. You can customize every step of your funnel using the neat drag-and-drop editor, including custom forms, appointment booking, and much more.

Choose from one of the many funnel templates or create one from scratch.

SEO & Content

SEO should also be a core long-term growth driver for your agency, and once again GoHighLevel steps up to the plate here.

A full-featured blog post editor is included as standard, along with a ton of SEO related features, and even a generative AI plugin to help with your writing. We’ve gotta say, the interface here is on par with Wordpress, Notion, or even Google Docs! Props to GoHighLevel 🔥

GoHighLevel includes a very impressive, fully featured blog post editor.

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