Working with small businesses in the home services space is growing in popularity right now for digital marketers.

From digital agency coaches like Josh Nelson and Frankie Fihn, to lesser known YouTube experts, the message is consistent: pick a niche, and serve it well.

Home services businesses make fantastic niches for agencies as the lead gen strategies that exist can produce quick wins.

Companies like Relentless Digital use Coldlytics to find the contact information for businesses owner in specific niches. These contacts become fuel to the fire for sales efforts from Meta custom audiences to cold emailing, calling and direct mail campaigns.

We asked Josh for a look under the hood on what's working to grow these home service type business.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the answer is in taking a holistic approach.

We're going to dive into what he's seeing work for his business, and the nuggets that you can take away for yourself.

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Here's what Josh has to say for those of you who want to mimic his success:

Harnessing the Power of a Dynamic Website

At Relentless Digital, our website is the cornerstone of our marketing strategy. We pride ourselves on offering top-tier content crafted by a team of expert human writers. 

Our focus? 

Content that resonates with actual online searches. Utilizing tools like, we look for topics relevant to both our business and our prospects, showcasing our extensive expertise.

By focusing on the topics our ideal customer wants to learn about we gain their trust and they start tuning into more of our content.

Synergy of Written and Video Content

Our approach blends written articles with YouTube videos, a tactic that significantly boosts our authority and drives traffic to our site.

As we all know Google owns Youtube, so why not double your chances of showing up in the search results.

Some keywords show more video results and others are more focused on blog or service content.

By having both types of media on one page, you’re doubling your chances of showing up!

Embedding these videos in our blog posts allows us to cater to diverse content preferences, enhancing user engagement and reinforcing our online presence.

Social media Diversity

We all know that social media is a HUGE player for those marketing for home service companies.

But what should you post about?

How often should you post?

Should I include images? Videos? Just text?

The key with social media is to not overthink it. For one thing, the feed constantly updates, so if your post sucks, nobody will notice and they’ll move on.

My advice is to think about the conversations you have on a regular basis and as soon as an idea for content pops into your head, at least write it down until you can spend more time on it.

The beauty of AI comes into play here, as one good facebook post can be re-purposed through ChatGPT for the specific platform along with the tone of your choice.

Don’t be afraid to have an opinion online.

If you don’t have an opinion or a personality, you’ll blend in. Know who you are, what you stand for, and speak up!

Strategic AI-Driven Advertising

By leveraging AI and top-of-funnel advertising techniques, we engage potential customers before they actively search for service providers.

We found a provider, named MarketStorm, who has a brilliant data scientist on their team to make all this work.

This proactive approach results in VERY cheap brand impressions, setting the stage for our brand to be seen multiple times early on in their search. 

Once a prospect visits our website, we utilize retargeting tactics on platforms like Google and Facebook, creating an omnipresent brand experience.

This strategy often elicits a common response from our sales leads: "I see you guys everywhere."

If we know anything about marketing is we need to be in a lot of places for our marketing mix to work more effectively.

Engaging Short-Form Video Content

Speaking of making our marketing work more effectively, short-form video is one of our latest endeavors.

We now put out multiple short-form videos per week to grow our audience with helpful tips, tricks, and other interesting industry insights.

Short-form content is extremely effective in growing followers, page likes, and subscribers, so we get prospects “into our world”.

Our commitment to short-form video content offers quick, actionable tips for contractors, expanding our lead sources beyond traditional platforms.

In fact, our presence on TikTok has yielded a notable number of leads in the last three months, complementing our success on platforms like Facebook.

Building Authority Through Podcasting

Beyond our digital strategies, we host a top-rated podcast named 'Service Business Mastery', specifically tailored for professionals in HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical industries. Our show was named “HVAC Podcast of the Year” at the largest HVAC industry event of the year this past January.

While the podcast doesn't heavily focus on marketing, it is a rich source of industry insights and entrepreneurial wisdom. 

This has not only elevated the Relentless Digital brand but has also positioned me as a recognized figure in the industry.

The best part about podcasting is I have met some absolutely INCREDIBLE people and it has allowed me to network on a level I would not otherwise been able to do.

This mix brings us a steady stream of ready to buy leads and has allowed us to grow 1860% in the past 3 years.

Rounding out our Marketing Strategy with Email

Just because we added email last on the list, does not mean it’s the least effective when it comes to our home service marketing efforts.

We hired an expert who specializes in email copy, specifically to take my stories, experiences, and content that’s already created and create story-based emails that go out to our audience twice per week.

Most of our emails are poised to help our readers grow a better business and give them the tips that have made the home service companies I worked at, successful.

Our open rates hover between 40 and 60% depending on the email and topic, which is WAY above industry norms.

When we do “sell” in emails it’s direct and to the point.

Hiring an expert to help us craft engaging email content has freed me up to focus on other areas of the business, but still serve our list of prospects and customers and keep us top of mind, so when they do need a marketing service provider, we’ll get a chance to step to the plate.

Take Aways:

Relentless Digital uses several key strategies to market home service companies. They build websites, create videos, and manage social media to engage customers. They also send emails to keep customers informed and interested. They aren't afraid to give a brand personality. Their methods focus on continuous improvement and effective communication to help businesses expand their reach.

There is no one-right-way or silver bullet to home service marketing growth, but employee a wealth of effective strategies sows many seeds of which one is bound to take off, if not more.

Do you have a growth strategy for home service businesses you'd like us to share? Reach out - we'd love to spread the word!

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