What is D7 Lead Finder?

D7 Lead Finder is an innovative online lead generation tool that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to search the web and find B2B leads.

It uses an algorithm to analyze large amounts of data from multiple sources, combining data from websites, emails, and social media to create a list of potential leads for the user.

How D7 Lead Finder Works

D7 Lead Finder can detect contact information for leads and provide detailed insights about them, like position, company size, industry, location, and more. Overall, this is a very cost effective measure for sourcing low-cost data.

3 Alternatives to D7 Lead Finder

Some alternatives for finding leads include...

1. Manual research

2. Purchasing expert-researched lists

3. Using directories or listings

Manual Research

Some of the tactics for manually researching lead lists includes finding potential companies on Google and searching for the owner's contact info. 

A few good places to check for their contact info include LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

This is by far the most labour intensive approach to list building, and requires you to manually verify your list through a platform like zero bounce.

Purchasing Expert-Researched Lists

To find more leads than any other source, Coldlytics uses AI to find relevant companies for their human research team to dig out owner contact information for.

By starting with a relevant source of data, like a search result of Google Business Profiles you can quickly curate a great list of companies.

These companies have shown they care about their online presence by having set up their Google Business Profiles in the first place, a warm signal for you if you’re a digital marketing agency for example.

Providing that search URL in the Coldlytics Task Creation tells their research team exactly what companies you’re interested in doing business with, and to find contact information for.

To see a complete example of how this works, try watching this video from the Coldlytics YouTube Channel

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Using Directories or Listings

Using industry directories is a great way to identify companies in your niche. 

A quick Google search for “ ________  companies directory” will show you the top directories in that specific space.

While this is helpful in finding great companies, you’ll still need to use the manual research method, or share the data with a company like ourselves, Coldlytics, who can have a human research team enrich the list for you. 

You can see how to enrich a directory list inside of Coldlytics in this video.


There are many great ways to build lists. Entry level options like D7 Lead Finder can be a low cost way to get started.

D7 Lead Finder uses AI to scrape the multiple sources across the web to try and find as many leads as possible within your criteria provided. The process is entirely automated.

When you are looking for more specific data, use a platform like Coldlytics to leverage both AI and Human Research to get the best list possible

Coldlytics helps you find companies in a simple Task Creation process from sources like Google Maps or business directories.

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